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Project preparations

The project idea is carefully developed to the point where it can be submitted to the potential funder to appraisal. It is vital to understand the interests and requirements of the potential funders, the criteria against which it will be appraised, and to have a clear idea of the type and amount of funding required.

During the project preparation stage a Project Proposal will be developed: A good project proposal will include description of some, or all, of the following elements:

 Content of the a Proposal

  1. Cover page
  2. Summary (including log frame)
  3. Background of the project
  4. Justification for the project – referring to any relevant policy documents
  5. The wider and immediate objectives of the project
  6. The stakeholders concerned
  7. Main assumptions- and therefore the risks
  8. Its feasibility (i.e. as appropriate the technical, financial, economic, institutional, social and environmental aspects)
  9. Expected outputs
  10. Required inputs
  11. Budget
  12. Work plan
  13. Project management and project team
  14. Indications of achievement and means of verifying them
  15. Monitoring and reporting arrangements

The time needed for each stage of the project identification, preparation and appraisal varies greatly. The time taken will depend on the size and complexity of a project, the procedures and requirements of the potential funder, and the number of funders involved.

These approximate estimates of time needed for project identification, preparation and appraisal are summarised in the table below:

Guide to Time Required for Project Preparation
Funding Type Grant (simple) Grant (complex) Loan (small) Loan (large)
Project Stage
Identification 1 month 3-6 months 3-6 months 3 months – 2 years
Preparation 1-2 months 3-6 months 6-18 months 6 months – 2 years
Appraisal 1-3 months 3-6 months 3-12 months 3 months – 1 years
TOTAL TIME 3-6 months 9-18 months 1-3 years 1-5 years

It is important to check that you have the capacity to complete the preparation of your project. You should think closely about the timescale and resources required. The Table below gives some guidance on the type of preparatory work that will generally be needed for your project. Depending on which funding type is appropriate for your project, you will probably need to prepare the types of documents and supporting analysis listed in the table.

Guide to Work Required for Different types of Application
Funding Type Grant (simple) Grant (complex) Loan (small) Loan (large)
Summary + Log Frame Helpful Yes Yes Yes
Project Proposal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Work Plan Yes Yes Yes Yes
EIA/Audit No Sometimes Sometimes Yes
Feasibility Study, including Unlikely Probably Sometimes Yes
Technical Evaluation Unlikely Probably Yes Yes
Financial Analysis Unlikely Essential Essential Essential
Economic Analysis Unlikely Essential Essential Essential
Socio-cultural or Stakeholder Analysis No Probably Sometimes Probably
Institutional Analysis No Probably Sometimes Probably

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