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Regional Knowledge Center


Regional Knowledge Centre Intranet is a useful tool aimed at provision of further personalised support in development of successful and bankable environmental projects to the experts and stakeholders in Central Asia. It provides additional functionalities for its registered users such as

• possibility to directly contact other Regional Knowledge Centre Intranet users, including representatives of IFIs, field experts from the EU and CA region,

• possibility to create, share, consult on, and discuss environmental project proposals with other Regional Knowledge Centre Intranet users,

• possibility to see other environmental project proposals created by other Intranet users.


Please press "Intranet" at the top of this page to enter Regional Knowledge Centre Intranet

If you are a new user please request user name and password by clicking "Ask a question", selecting "Register a new user" and submitting your request.



This project is funded by the European Union

And implemented by a consortium led by